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Portugal’s 2017 Pedrógão Grande Disaster in Context of Extreme Event Analysis: Webinar

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The 2017 fire season saw the highest number of deaths by wildfire in Portugal’s history. The Pedrógão Grande wildfire disaster took 64 lives in Portugal in summer 2017.  This is not only one of the greatest disasters occurred in the country but it also represents one of the highest toll of fatalities in a single wildfire event at the world level. This fire complex burned 73,000 acres and left the Portuguese society incredulous and in shock state.

Tese de mestrado. Fernando Correia

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Tese de mestrado

O contributo dos serviços de ecossistema na prevenção e resiliência a incêndios rurais na Rede Natura 2000, no município de Arouca


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Fernando Correia